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Moorview Equestrian


Moorview Equestrian Centre is a Pony Club Centre and is for children who do not own their own pony.


Activities and Events Include :

• Mounted Games
• Achievement Badges
• Horse and Pony Care
• Showjumping
• Dressage
• Quiz
• Own a Pony Days / Weeks
• Progressive Tests

Every Tuesday evening 6pm-8pm - £9 for a two hour fun filled session!

Pony and rider

Our Pony Club Centre

Pony Club Centre Membership is designed for children who do not own their own pony but would like to become involved in Pony Club Activities and gives children the opportunity to learn more about riding and horse/pony care through a range of fun activities and events held at Moorview Equestrian for pony club centre members.

Whether you have your own pony or not, The Pony Club is the best starting point for all children who want to learn to ride and learn all about ponies.

Bay pony and rider

Membership is open to boys and girls under the age of 21 and offers some great benefits. In addition learning how to ride, Members can compete against each other and take part in a wide range of activities. Nearly all Britain’s most successful riders were once a Member of The Pony Club.
Lessons and competitions for Centre Members are organised by the riding school they attend. You ride the riding school ponies and so do not need access to one of your own. Activities might include rallies, stable management sessions, own a pony days, camps, show jumping, dressage, mounted games or social events like treasure hunts, barbeques or trips to watch equestrian events.

Pony and rider

Becoming a pony club centre member is ideal for those looking to own their own pony and also those who just want to enjoy the friendship, activities, learning more about ponies, riding and looking after them.

Pony Club Centre members are encouraged to take the pony club Achievement Badges, Efficiency Tests and Progressive Awards.

Membership Forms are available from Moorview Equestrian Centre.

About the Pony Club

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The Pony Club is an International Voluntary Youth Organisation for those interested in ponies and riding. It is the largest association of riders in the world. It is represented in no less than 14 Countries and has a membership exceeding 110,000.

Pony Club Achievement Badges

There are a variety of achievement badges available to study, and these include Equine related badges such as Feeding, Bandaging and Rugs, Mucking out, Handling and Grooming, Saddlery, plus non-Equine related badges such as Bird Watching, Poisonous Plants and Farming. At present there are 29 badges that may be awarded. Members are encouraged to collect as many as possible and to sew them (or have them sewn!) on their sweatshirts.

Pony Club Efficiency Tests

The Pony Club Efficiency Test enables members to learn progressively about horse and pony care and riding. The tests are taken at recommended ages and designed with certain objectives in mind, starting with the D test for children aged 8-9 Years.

Pony Club Progressive Tests

Progressive Tests can be taken in Horsemanship and Riding and Road Sense, starting with Bronze Award and working up towards Gold Award. There are 3 levels for each Award.

Other Activities

Our Pony Club Centre also runs all sorts of fun activities from Competitions and Camps to Social Events for our pony club members.

Trips to major shows such as Badminton, Olympia and the Horse of the Year Show are also very popular.

Our sessions are informal, educational and above all Fun!

Helpers Day Christmas 2009

New Pony Club Sweatshirts/Jackets/Polo Shirts & Drawstring Bags are now available to order

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