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Moorview Equestrian

Riding School Horses

Three horses

We have a fantastic selection of horses and ponies ranging from a 10.0hh Shetland pony to a classically trained 16.2hh Polish Warmblood.

Our wide range of horses and ponies include schoolmasters/ Quiet cobs and well mannered horses and ponies.

Here at Moorview Equestrian Centre we believe in the natural horsemanship approach in the training of our horses, which produces a naturally balanced, relaxed and contented horse, which in turn leads to a closer relationship between horse and rider.

This is a small selection of over 30 riding school horses and ponies that are available at Moorview Equestrian Centre.

• Chester- 15.2hh middleweight, Mahogany bay gelding. Will take riders from novice to advanced level, confirmed in lateral movements, collection, and show jumping.

• Crystal- 13.1hh Golden dun mare. Quiet to ride takes children and teenagers from beginners to advanced.

• Lucy- 11.2hh chestnut mare flaxen mane and tail. She is a very popular ride from lead rein lessons up to jumping.

• Roly poly- 10.0hh black Shetland gelding .Very popular with nervous children or children who lack in confidence very patient pony who will stand for hours whilst being groomed.

All our horses are treated like kings; every effort is made to make sure they are turned out to a high standard. They are all stabled in luxurious accommodation, in magnificent surroundings and their welfare is paramount.

Our horses and ponies enjoying one of their sunny days off!

Gorgeous George